Friday, May 8, 2020

Ways to Enjoy Disney at Home

I think we are all craving more Disney, even if we weren't planning a trip during this time, it is hard to not see new content from our Disney local social media friends.

So, how am I enjoying Disney at Home?

1. Disney movie day
One day a week, I try to watch a Disney movie while I do something like fold clothes.

2. Disney recipes
Disney is releasing SO MANY RECIPES right now...its so amazing. Follow Disney Parks Blog on Facebook to keep up with the recipes we all love so you can try them at home!

3. Disney Ice Cream Treats
Mickey Bar and Mickey Ice Cream Sandwiches!!! I love them so much! They should be available in your grocery freezer section.

4. Disney Videos on YouTube
You can watch shows, virtually ride attractions or just walk through the parks!

5. Disney Books
I personally love the Twisted Tale series by Liz Braswell and the Kingdom Keeper series by Ridley Pearson, but there are a lot of Disney books out there to enjoy!

How do you enjoy Disney at home?