Friday, February 21, 2020

My Favorite Things about Coronado Springs

Last winter, we stayed at Coronado Springs for a long weekend. It was our first experience at a moderate resort and I want to share my 5 favorite things about Coronado Springs...and one thing I think could be improved.

1. The theming
It is a gorgeous resort with a Mayan theme and they incorporate the Three Caballeros into the resort seamlessly. I love the fountains and I especially enjoyed being able to use the different fountains as landmarks.

2. The food
We loved El Mercado de Coronado, the quick service restaurant (get the Chicken Rice Bowl!). Cafe Rix had some pretty good coffee and pastries and one of my favorite afternoons was spent waterside sipping a Cosmorita from the Laguna Bar.

3. The beds
They were so comfy. Do I need to go into more detail?

4. The renovated rooms
The rooms were so clean and well designed. The decor was slightly Disney, but mostly just pleasing.

5. The pool
While it was too cool to use the pool on our trip, it was a gorgeous pool area. I could have really enjoyed using the main pool or any of the smaller pools on the resort.

The one thing I didn't like...
The removal of carpet from the rooms, while helpful from a cleanliness perspective, leads to a lot of noise from the adjoining rooms.

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