Friday, January 24, 2020

How to Park at Walt Disney World Theme Parks

If you have never driven to one of the Walt Disney World parks, it can be a bit intimidating as you are pulling into the parking lot. There are people EVERYWHERE, lots of moving cars, lots of excitement.

But if you follow these five tips, parking will be a breeze.

1. Follow the parking attendant's instructions.
You will be directed to follow the car in front of you and park next to them.

2. Wait until the car behind you parks next to you to open your car doors.
When you stop your car, another car will be pulling up next to you momentarily. Waiting for the car next to you to park will ensure your safety, the safety of the parking attendant and the safety of others.

3. When you are out of your car, make sure to walk in front the parked cars.
Moving cars will be behind your parked car and by walking in front of the row where you parked, that gives you some distance between yourself and moving cars.

4. Walk!
No one wants to start the day with a scraped knee or busted lip.

5. Take a picture of the sign where you parked your car.
Trams will drop you off at the end of the day and taking a quick picture of your parking lot row will keep you from walking any extra at the end of the day.

And those are my 5 tips for parking at Walt Disney World! Enjoy the parking trams...they are my favorite form of Disney transportation!

Are you planning on driving to Walt Disney World?

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