Monday, August 6, 2018

Road Trip Fun & Games

Summer vacations often mean road trips. Without some planning, road trips can be stressful, but with a little planning, road trips can be the best part of a trip!

I remember when we were younger, my parents took us on a trip to Grandma's house in the pickup truck and we took the highway instead of the interstate.

As we were driving along, the seat belts in the backseat would pull in a click as we went over the bumps. My brother and I were complaining and my parents kept saying "Push it in and pull it out". After we complained about it probably about 30 times, my little brother announced he had a wedgie and my dad, frustrated by our seat belt complaints, grouchily said "Well, push it in and pull it back out!"

We all just stared at him and started laughing. We talk about that to this day, like 20 years later.

So, how can you make road trips fun?

Games and Snacks!

Some of my favorites are...

1. I Spy!
This is a game best played on a highway, not an interstate, where you describe something you see by color or shape and the other people in the car have to guess what it is.

2. Red Car!
In this game, you count red cars. Everyone can count a red car, but if you pass a church, it clears out the count on the side of the car the church was on. So, if you pass a church on the right, everyone on the passenger side loses all of their cars.

3. The License Plate Game
You get a list of states and cross off the ones that you see while you are driving. Highest count wins!

4. Spot the Car
You get a list of car models and you cross off the ones that you see. Highest count wins!

5. I'm Going on a Picnic
In this game, the first person says "I'm Going on a Picnic and I'm bringing a __________ (something that starts with an A)". The second person says "I'm Going on a Picnic and and bringing a (what the first person said for A) and a _____________________ (something that starts with B)." Then, you continue through the alphabet.

When someone forgets the list, they are out. The games ends when you get to Z or when all but one person is out.

And those are my 5 favorite mostly prop-less car games!

Click here for a downloadable printable of The License Plate Game and the Spot the Car Game.

Have fun road tripping!

Need help planning a place to road trip to?

Email me! I am an agent of Ear To There Travel and I love to help people plan their vacations!

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